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Proofing Behaviours – Dog Training Tips

How to Proof Behaviours in Your Dog Proofing a behaviour in your dog is an important step in training. We have all had that experience with our dog: we teach them a new command or trick (we are very proud about this!) – but when

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Teach your Dog to Lie Down – in 10 Easy Steps

Teaching your dog to lie down is the next command to master after teaching your dog to sit, and its almost just as easy to teach. It is an important basic command, one that you should teach soon after getting your puppy. Teaching your dog

Teach Your Dog to Sit in 10 Easy Steps

Teach your Dog to Sit Every Time – in 10 Easy Steps

Teaching your dog to sit is probably the most basic command you can teach your dog. It is also one of the most important. Teaching your dog to sit helps you move on easily to other commands such as “stay” and “lie down”. It also

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6 Reasons to Teach your Dog Tricks Starting Today

Teaching your dog someĀ tricks is great fun. (See our Tricks and Training section for some great tricks). As a dog owner, you will probably have been asked “what tricks can he/she do?”, and being able to show off your dogs repertoire is always satisfying. But