Basic Lessons – Ultimate Dog/Puppy Training Guide

This list of basic lessons is especially great if you want to know what to teach a puppy and how to teach them. It includes the most important lessons to teach a dog or puppy first.

This is part of our Ultimate Dog & Puppy Training Guide

Before you start the basic lessons, read our Training Techniques here.

Basic Dog Training Lessons

Teach Your Dog to Sit
Lie Down
Toilet Training
Heal & Walking Nice
Don’t Jump Up
Leave It

These basic lessons are not only very easy to teach your dog or puppy (Healing and Don’t Jump are probably the hardest!), and not only do they mean you will enjoy your dog even more, but a lot are also important for the safety of your dog, so they are less likely to run out into traffic, eat something bad for them, etc. For more dog safety tips and lessons, click here.