20 Signs You are Dog Obsessed

Some people may think you have a problem, but we don’t! Here are 20 signs you are dog-obsessed (and a better person for it)

20 Signs your are dog obsessed

Share this list with your other dog-obsessed friends and see who is the most dog-obsessed of you all!

  1.  You Google pictures of your favourite breeds more than you Google your favourite TV/Movie/Pop stars.
  2.  You cry more when dogs die in films compared to when humans die.
  3.  Marley and Me and/or Homeward Bound are your favourite movies.
  4.  Your dog is allowed on/sleeps in your bed (even though you promised yourself that it would never be allowed).
  5.  When you are out with your friends, you wonder what your dog is doing.
  6.  When you are out with your friends, you wished you were back at home with your dog.
  7.  You call your dog several nicknames, and call them their nickname(s) more than their real name.
  8.  You use their “full” name when they have done something naughty.
  9.  When they have done something naughty, you have to cover your face so they can’t see you’re laughing.
  10.  When you are away and phone home, you ask to be put on loud speaker and then call your dog’s name (then get upset when they don’t reply).
  11.  You talk to them/give them commands in full sentences, then wonder why they are just sat there tilting their head.ChandlerHatesDogs
  12.  The ‘Friends’ episode when Chandler says he doesn’t like dogs made you ‘fall out’ with Chandler for the whole episode, and slightly offended you.
  13.  When a dog dies in a film, you grab your dog and give them the longest hug (until your dog suspects he/she may well be dying).
  14.  You cant comprehend how a household could possibly NOT have a dog and not be miserable.
  15.  You have a list of dog names for dogs you don’t have.
  16.  If you were on a date and find out your date doesn’t like dogs, you would consider getting up any walking out.
  17.  You can’t help but share your food with your dog, because: just look at that face!
    (c) Shutterstock

    (c) Shutterstock

  18.  Your dog has 2 beds and you only have one.
  19.  You say “love you”, or call your dog loving names that other people only say to their spouse/otherhalf (and your otherhalf answers thinking your are talking to them).
  20.  Your spend more on your dog than on yourself.

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