Dog Subscription Box – April 2017

Dog Treat & Toy Subscription Box Review – April

Let’s take a look at DoggTreats’ April Subscription Box. DoggTreats promises 5-7 great treats and toys in every box.

April’s Subscription Box contained 6 treats/toys/accessories.

Dog Treat Subscription Box - April 2017

Treats in the Subscription Box

Pooch & Mutt – Calm and Relaxed

Have a hyper dog? Great! Even if your dog isn’t hyper, they will be sure to love these crunchy treats. In a handy pocket sized bag, idea for taking out or on walks as treats for good behaviour, or just for being cute!

These are natural, ethical, low-calorie, gluten-free, hand-baked bone-shaped treats that dogs love. They include lamb, chamomile and l-tryptophan. Chamomile was traditionally used in ancient Greece, Egypt and beyond to aid relaxation. L-tryptophan is essential to form serotonin, the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter. As baked treats the bones can easily be broken down into smaller bits and used for training, or can be fed whole as a substantial treat. They are also the perfect size to stick in a Kong (or similar toy), which is a great way to keep your pooch occupied for longer periods of time.

Laughing Dog – Baked Cheesy Oaties

Healthy, baked treats, made of yummy oats and cheese flavoured. This large 250g bag is sure to keep your dog happy throughout the month.
The bag is resalable with a Velcro fastener for freshness.

DeliBakie Hearts – Chicken and Beef

Does your dog prefer a meaty flavour? These chicken and beef treats are healthy and yummy. In a larger bag than the Pooch & Mutt treats, but smaller than the Laughing Dog bag, means these can also be carried with you on walks, but will also last quite a while.

M&C Creamy Centres – Yogurt and Berry

Sure to be a favourite with your dog, these treats sound tempting enough for humans too! They yummy outside and packed full of an even yummier centre: a creamy yogurt and berry filling!

Creamy Centers™ have been formulated by animal nutritionists to promote your pets’ well-being and contain no artificial flavours or fillers. Each treat combines real creamy yogurt with real mixed berries within an irresistible cereal shell, the very best choice of treat for your dog. Every treat contains Omega 3, Calcium, Vitamin E so it’s not just fun,  it’s a healthy choice at only 4 calories per treat for reward based training. Re-sealable, foil packed for freshness.

Toys in the Subscription Box

Mister Twister Mollie the Mouse

This cute mouse is plush, and cuddly, but also with rope parts for the variety of texture.

Other Items in the Subscription Box

Arm & Hammer Dental Mints

These”Mints” for dogs help control tartar and freshen breath. Crunchy texture helps clean teeth during chewing
Helps control tartar, Helps freshen breath, Beef flavour your dog will love, With baking soda to help clean, Well packaged for freshness.

Over all the Arm & Hammer treats are a great idea and will be sure to be loved by your dog.

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