Dog Treat Subscription Box - April 2017

Dog Subscription Box – April 2017

Dog Treat & Toy Subscription Box Review – April Let’s take a look at DoggTreats’ April Subscription Box. DoggTreats promises 5-7 great treats and toys in every box. April’s Subscription Box contained 6 treats/toys/accessories. Treats in the Subscription Box Pooch & Mutt – Calm and

80 Great and Inspiring Dog Quotes - Woman with Golden Retriever

80 Greatest & Inspiring Dog Quotes

Ok, so to be clear, these are quote about dogs, not quotes from dogs! We all love dogs, and we know how amazing they are. But we guarantee these quotes will make you appreciate them even more. Here is our list of the best 80

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20 Signs You are Dog Obsessed

Some people may think you have a problem, but we don’t! Here are 20 signs you are dog-obsessed (and a better person for it) Share this list with your other dog-obsessed friends and see who is the most dog-obsessed of you all!  You Google pictures of

Dog Subscription Box Launch – Treats, Toys & Goodies

We are very excited to announce we are launching our high quality Dog Subscription Boxes on 29th March 2016. Dogs love new and exciting things just as much as us hoomans do. So, in 2015, we decided to set up Our goal was to create exciting

5 Treats Games to Play with your Dog

Dog treats are great for all kinds of things, rewards, training or just to see them happy. But do you know you can also have great fun, and play games with treats and your dog? A lot of the time, treats are handed over, and they

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Cornwall: Amazing Response to Missing Dog

Barney, the Cockapoo, fled after an accident involving a car in which his owner Jennifer Lowden, 72, died. The Cockapoo was injured but was found Wednesday “weather-beaten” and with a cut. After an appeal on social media, there was what the police called an “amazing response”, when 70,000

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5 Ways to Exercise Your Dog Indoors on Wet Days

 Walkies! Oh, it’s raining outside, sorry pooch. We have all had that experience. And even though your dog may not mind going out in the lashing rain, sometimes its just not practical! Arm yourselves with some treats and toys, and find out the best ways