About Us
Who Are We?
Hi! Great to meet you. We are Scott and Amy, and along with Callie (our Cocker Spaniel) Uno & Sunny (our two cheeky Lovebirds), we started DoggTreats.com
DoggTreats.com is an independent family run business. As a family business run by animal lovers, you know that each dog subscription box is chosen and packed with care, and with our core values in mind.

The core values that surround our service are:
  • We believe in only providing quality foods that your dog can enjoy and benefit from.
  • We believe in providing you with the best service possible.
  • We believe pets are part of the family.
  • Our Story
    DoggTreats started as an idea. That idea was to give something back to our animals who add so much to our lives. Like all dog owners, we know the joy that we experience from seeing our pets happy and excited. What better way to give joy to the dogs in our lives that to get them a monthly box of goodies! DoggTreats.com was born.

    We have worked hard to develop DoggTreat into a trusted service, loved by dog owners.
    Our Animals
    Meet our animals!

    Did someone say dessert 🍰?? Oh me!me! #happydog #funnydog #puppy #puppylove #doggtreats #cocker #cockerspaniel #spaniel #cutedog

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    One of our #lovebirds Sunny trying to help make Lasagne! #lovebird

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    Our Promise
    Here at DoggTreats.com, we are dedicated to only bring you food and treats that we would give our dogs.