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What's In Each Box?
The dog treats and toys in your box are specially hand picked every month by our dog experts. We guarantee a fantastic mix of exciting items that your dog will enjoy. Exactly what is in each monthly treat box depends on which box size you select. Our office mascot, @callie_spaniel, makes sure she helps testing the treats & toys!

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It's all about you and your dog
Relationships are hard. Fortunately dogs tend to love you for just being you. Basically, they make us happy without asking much in return! That's why we love to give back to our dogs.
At we make it easy to help you give back to your dog. We all find it exciting opening new things, prezzies and packages. Well so do dogs! And a package is about as exciting to dogs as packages get!
Our treats and toy boxes arrive every month with goodies (including healthy goodies and toys, depending on which treats box is selected) straight to your door. Once your dog gets used to these monthly boxes, expect them to start licking the postman in thanks instead of barking at him!